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Visit :- ij.start.cannon for IJ Start Canon Setup

Want to download and install the appropriate Canon printer driver or software from ij.start.cannon? Don’t worry. We’ve got you some easy-to-follow instructions for all your printer-related problems. By following our quick and straightforward instructions, you can download and install printer drivers for your new printer in a matter of minutes. Also, you are advised to visit Canon’s official website, ij.start.cannon which is specially designed for you to troubleshoot all your Canon printer related problems. This is a reliable website, so you can visit it without any doubt.

Connect the printer and router via wireless LAN

  • Before trying to make a wireless connection between the two devices, make sure the printer is turned on.

  • Then, you have to press the setup button on the ij.start.cannon printer.

  • Next, hit on the B button to select the Wireless LAN setup option.

  • Press the OK button.

  • You need to press the WPS button, which is located on your router or access point, and hold it for a while.

  • After doing that, you have to select the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button and click on the OK button.

  • Now, on your wireless printer, briefly press and hold the WPS button.

  • Then, you have to press OK button on ij.start.cannon printer within 2 minutes.

  • After that you have to press OK button.

  • Now click on C button or Copy button.

  • Finally, the Wireless LAN setup via the WPS method is completed.

  • You can now use your new CanonIJ printer.

Perform Printing and Scanning from Mobile Devices

  1. The very first step is pressing the Setup (A) button on your ij.start.cannon IJ printer.

  2. Then, you have to select the Device Settings option and press the OK button.

  3. Now, find and click on LAN Settings and click on OK button.

  4. After that you have to click on Change LAN option and then click on OK.

  5. Next, select Router Mode or Access Point Mode and press the OK button.

  6. Select your wireless network name or SSID.

  7. Then, click OK.

  8. You need to note down your SSID shown.

  9. Now, click on the OK button.

  10. After that, you need to locate and click on the Security Protocol option and then click on OK.

  11. Next, note down the password shown.

  12. Press the OK button.

  13. Then, you have to click on Start Setup and click on OK button.

  14. After doing that, an option labeled Applicable Wi-Fi Settings will appear. From there, you need to select the SSID or network name and type in the correct password (which you typed earlier) to finish the connection establishment process.

  15. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi settings will vary depending on your device